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Gymnocalycium arzbergeri Schädlich 2022
Schädlich, V. (2022): An Unexpected Discovery from Departamento Presidente Hayes in Paraguay – Gymnocalycium arzbergeri Schädlich spec. nov. - Schütziana 13(2): p. 4-14.
Type: The plants grow in stoneless, sandy soil interspersed with loamy clay admixture, Department Presidente Hayes, Paraguay, under the cover of grasses, small bushes and bromeliads, at an altitude of 86 m a.s.l.. First finding date: September 15th, 2012. Herbal material: plant cultivated from habitat seeds. Holotype VoS 1201/2874 (Herbarium WU 4038).

Gymnocalycium ×applanatum Řepka et Frélich 2022
Řepka, R.; Koutecký, P.; Mendel, P.; Frélich, R. (2022): Gymnocalycium ×applanatum (Cactaceae, Cactoideae) – the first reported nothospecies between the subgenera Gymnocalycium and Trichomosemineum. - Folia Geobotanica 56: p. 255-269.
Type: Argentina, Córdoba Province, Pocho Department, village of Villa Viso near the town of Salsacate, on flat hill near chapel ca 0.7 km N of the village, in rocky pasture with Stipa cordobensis, between its parents, 980 m a.s.l., 1 December 2012, leg. R. Řepka, coll. No. 748 (CORD 00044296, holotype).